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Red Angus Cattle
Red Angus Cattle

Feddes Red Angus Cattle
Herefords on the Feddes Ranch in 1962

My father, Neal Feddes, bought his first registered females in 1945. That was the beginning of his Hereford herd, which became very successful for several decades. Dad passed away in 1978 after a battle with cancer, later that year a beautiful blonde agreed to marry me. In 1984 at the ripe old age of 26, (Carol is much younger, 23 at the time) we struck out on our own in the purebred Hereford business. After much prayer and deliberation, and some hesitation from my mother, we purchased 10 Red Angus bred females in the fall of 1991. Some of our top cow families trace back to these cows, including  Feddes Lakina 310, the dam of Feddes Big Sky R9. 310 is four generations removed from the first Lakina cow we Feddes Red Angus Cattlepurchased in 1991.  In 1992 we purchased a few more bred females, including BJR Blockana 502-5185,(942). She was for sale only because she was bred to the neighbor’s Saler bull.  I said at one time, “I would like to see 942 in the pedigree of every female on the ranch.” It was a little foolish to say, but she is in a large percentage of our females today, and I don’t regret that.  We really wanted to focus on building a cowherd, so we used Rambler 5162, Hobo 1961, and Logan 210 heavily. These females made very good mother cows, and are the base of our cowherd today.

Feddes Red Angus CattleWe sold Feddes Blockana 807 in the NILE sale in 1998.  We do not breed cattle for the show ring, however when you focus on breeding cattle that work in the pasture as well as for your customers they seem to work in the show ring as well.  She went on to be one of the most dominant show females in the history of the Red Angus breed. She was a result of breeding cattle that were able to work for us, our customers and maintained profitability every year.  We are also blessed to have raised Feddes Big Sky R9 who has made, and continues to have a huge impact on the breed through his calving ease, and very productive daughters. Many breeders put him in the elite group of “Great Female Maker”.  Many of the high selling cattle at sales around the country show Big Sky in their pedigree.

Feddes Red Angus Cattle
Hereford Bulls for Sale the Feddes Ranch in 1963

It has been a huge blessing for us to be part of the “Red Angus Family”, and for our children and grandchildren to be a part of Feddes Red Angus. It has been almost 70 years since dad bought his first registered females, and we are going stronger than ever.

It was a great honor (and very humbling) to be named Red Angus Association of America “Breeder of the Year” for 2013.   We are so blessed!!!!! We are a family operation, and we are with our cattle almost daily. We sell bulls and a select group of heifer calves in a joint production sale with C-T Red Angus on the fourth Monday in March. This will be our sixteenth production sale. We are a part of the Big Sky Elite female sale, with three other local breeders. This sale is on the first Wednesday in December.

Chuck, Carol & Family

Feddes Red Angus Feddes Sale Ad
Ranch Ad in 1963






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